@jessmahler hey uh your article about your experience with aphantasia is the first time I’ve read a description that matches how I think. Thank you. People think I must be very visual in my head because I do lighting design and highly associative tasks (which many people remember visually). But in both cases, my brain works in abstract associations. I know what colours go together because I have seen them before, and can put them in front of me. But I don’t picture scenes or memories in my head (well, not beyond the limited sense of ‘outline’ that you describe as experiencing).

@s0 Hey, neat, I hadn't read that aphantasia description before! Mine works *almost* exactly the same, except what I think of as my kinesthetic sense has almost no tactile but a ton of spatial. My brain knows *where* things are for touching and how firm/flimsy they are, but with very little sense of actually touching them.

/ @jessmahler


@paideuomai @s0 Ooh! I hadn't really thought of the distinction between space and tactile. That is interesting.

I'm trying to think know if I ever think/experience in space without the tactile aspect.

Curious: Are you hyper-tactile? Wondering if that aspect of my sensory xperience relates to tactile aspect of thinking.

@jessmahler I do think I'm very tactile. I easily get lost in interesting textures and often catch myself rubbing things for comfort. I often don't bother turning on lights in my house at night because I know where things are and navigate by touch and kinesthetics. For me tactile and spacial awareness are closely connected: When I imagine space I know where to reach out and touch it. But I don't see it, and I don't feel the texture, even though it would be huge for me if the thing were real.

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