My new e-bookshop is open!

I believe discovery, fairness and inclusivity are at the heart of digital bookselling.

Inclusive and DRM-free
All formats for all devices, no need to convert. You get a DRM-free e-book that works and is yours to keep.

Fair means fair
Authors get 80% of the profit. No deep discounts, or e-books that cost the same as the print version.

Genuine discovery
A curated e-bookshop, every title read and loved before hitting the shelves.

@libreture Can authors and publishers request to have their books included?


That's a good question. Thank you.

Since it's a curated bookshop, the best approach is to suggest or recommend books to me. I'll then buy and read them to see if they're a fit.

And, just to be clear, when I say 'a fit', I don't intend to suggest anything about the quality of the book, only whether or not it was something I personally enjoyed and could promote honestly and authentically.

Any recommendations, Jess? ;)


Sure, why not ;-)

Looks like most of what you have now is urban fantasy, so hard to get a feel for what you might like outside of that subgenre, but if you are looking for something a bit different,

Short story collection:


Something by a friend:


Thank you! I'll certainly take a look.

And I'd like to widen the range too. So no.problem there.

Thanks again!

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