Hi! I'm Crystal and I'm a graduated linguistics major from UCLA, with a love of humanities.

I'm also a prospective graduate student for musicology, hoping to study indie music in East Asian countries, and am currently looking for research experience (if anyone out there needs an assistant, for humanities research of every kind -- especially if music related -- please hit me up, I'm available :P)


@cemoon95 Hi Crystal, welcome!

FYI, hashtags are a big thing on Fedi. You might want watch for

There's a fediverse meme for new accounts to toot 5 hashtags that describe their interests/things they'll be talking about. Or was, it seems to have died down now, but I always thought it was a good idea.

Very few folks watch the Federated stream aka the firehose, so hashtags are the best way to reach people off of your instance

Welcome again!

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