Hey #SFFBookClub! @naga is taking December off from organising, but for those who still want to take part this month I suggest making it a sequels month. I will be reading Jeff VanderMeer's Authority librarything.com/work/14511352 which has been sitting on my bookshelf since shortly after we read Annihilation. I've also read Ann Leckie's and Margaret Killjoy's sequels and would love to talk about those if any of you pick one for your December read.

Also, I've fully switched over from Goodreads to LibraryThing now, as my final step in divorcing from Amazon. If any of my fediverse friends are on there you can follow me at librarything.com/profile/eldan (relevant to #SFFBookClub, but not exclusively - I read a lot of non-SFF too)


@eldang Would you be able to walk me through LIbraryThing a bit? I've looked at it a few times, but have had trouble making sense of it.

@jessmahler happy to, with the caveat that I’m still figuring it out a bit myself. Do you have specific questions or just want an overall intro?

@jessmahler Actually, one more question before I start: are you a Goodreads user? I'm realising how many things I'd explain differently by reference to Goodreads vs for someone who doesn't have that set of habits.

@jessmahler Cool. I think the natural starting point is to import your existing library, which I did by following these instructions: blog.librarything.com/main/201

But I also got confused by some differences between GR & LT, so I'll mostly talk about those. (...)

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