In an increasingly nonbinary world, is gendered Hebrew willing to adapt?

While applauding the social impetus, Israelis are divided in opinions on an American-based initiative and question its grammatical integrity

@Bezrat_Ha_shem What kind of gets me, is while Hebrew has always been gendered, Judaism (or at least Ashkenazic and Sephardic Judaism, other branches of the family tree being outside of my knowledge base) used to have 6 gender roles.

I'd like to see us reclaim that part of our history and updating the language to be inclusive would be a good part of that.

@jessmahler @Bezrat_Ha_shem I mean, there were 6 sex CATEGORIES, but iirc not really different gender roles? Unless I'm forgetting? (and even then, definitely not non-binary gender roles which were held on equal footing?)
Like, while our history shouldn't be ignored and should definitely form the effort, I think updating our language and culture to be inclusive would take a lot of work outside of any history, still.

@gaditb @Bezrat_Ha_shem I guess it depends on how you define gender roles, but each category had it's own set of requirements and expectations for behavior, so it fits at least one definition of gender roles. Though given the sparsity of stuff on ay'lonit it's definitely the weakest one to argue is a distinct role.

And if gender roles need to have been held on equal footing to be worth holding onto, well, men and women weren't held on equal footing.

@gaditb @Bezrat_Ha_shem I should maybe note here that I identify as ay'lonit myself.

I realize that the question of drawing from very problematic history versus starting over is a fraught one, but speaking personally, as someone who was denied a personal history and connection with the past, having a cultural one is really important to me.

But I do agree that making that culture inclusive will take going beyond history. I just se ehistory as a good starting point.


@gaditb @Bezrat_Ha_shem Doubly so bc if we don't take our history as a starting point, we will probably by default take modern western society as the starting point, and Christianity and Christian culture have taken enough from us over the centuries.

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