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Today's new ink gets us so close to done with my whole leg sleeve (sleeve?)

Today's work: time to fill in some gaps! So grateful to Jessica for spending the time to get all of these parts lined up right!

In order to kick things off, I'll match any donations that come in tonight 1:1 up to $, let's show the Sparrow Children's Center and the Children's Miracle Network some love!

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After an unfortunate delay, I'm now able to start my fundraising for ...this year for a hospital whose policy isn't to limit pregnant people's access to healthcare: UofM at Sparrow Children's Center.

I'll be actively fundraising here soon!

It's election day in Michigan, so take the time to look up the candidates somewhere reputable like Ballotpedia then get out and vote.

Okay, the last of the big pieces are done. Next up, a couple of small, line-work pieces I am really excited about.

To give you a sense of the location there, the tattoo you can see the edge over on the left there is centered on the front of my thigh and takes up the width of it.

Here's what we're working on today on the inside and back of the thigh. The last of the big pieces for the leg sleeve.

The finished product. I am so in love with how this came out! The depth came out so great!

Of course, when I saw "we" I mean "I lay in a chair whining while someone else does the actual work"

So the manager "we"

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I can't think of a much nicer way to do reviews than sitting on the balcony overlooking the river.

I'll totally provide more photos later, but my wife supplied the most important one...

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Previous homeowners built a rickety gate that opened in toward an uphill slope, so it only opened about 45 degrees--and that loudly and destructively.

I finally broke it this morning, so today I quickly built and installed a new, prettier one.

Sure, I can be awake at 3am...I can't imagine that having any impact on my day tomorrow!

Finally finished with the cabinets around the fridge. Turns out, doors are crazy hard to do well. All I see are the issues with these, but they're done and I've definitely improved. On to new projects!

Thor: Love and Thunder...I really enjoyed it. If you enjoyed the comedy beats on Ragnarok, you'll dig them here. The story is heavier and slower to start, but it's still a lot of fun. The villain was great, too!

Easily the best seats I've had for a baseball is the day I'll learn the game, I'm sure!

The two finished pieces from today, plus a close up of my favorite two fishies--Bert and Ernie. Amazing work by Jess at Watchtower Tattoo Company again.

The first of today's work...a little Escher inspired geometry!

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