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Current state: on a conference call from another state while the team does the Big Important Thing(tm), simultaneously digging and regretting how superfluous I am to this process because they're so good at what they do!

Also, very sleepy! :)

I didn't really notice it last night because we landed in Syracuse so late, but my rental is an absolute schoolbus. I've never considered myself a bad driver until trying to navigate normal roads in this behemoth!

I'll never understand why they won't let me carry nail clippers into the airport, but give me a real glass and real cutlery during the flight.

At the airport listening to the flight before us slowly get fucked:
🔹Your crew is running late
🔹I mean super late
🔹Oh, you get a smaller plane now
🔹You'll get your new seat on scraps of paper
🔹Your plane has no wings and will drive to kzoo
🔹A bus...your plane is a bus

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Join us as we discuss the frustrations of a listener who finds their company's leadership insufficient and is trying to get promoted.

Stay tuned after for another book! Let's talk about Daniel Pink's "Drive"...

I pace when I'm on the phone. How much? Yesterday I was on the phone more or less continuously bouncing between two calls for 10 hours during which I traveled just short of 12000 steps, never getting more that about 20 feet from my desk.

Phone calls are my fitness program.

The teams I lead and my leadership chain mean that it was a long week, but in no way a punishing one. I'm ready for vacation, but I'm also missing the team that I'm leaving behind for a few days.

Get yourself a gig like that, give up some money if that's what's necessary, but get there.


Today ends a relatively rough 50-hour, 4-day week. Just shy of 65-hours in the last 6 days.

I've had jobs where no amount of cash could keep me 1 minute over my hellish 40-hours. I've had gigs where the week I've had would be demoralizing being belief. Not so here.

1/2 ramp from 696 to 75 today? Not a SUPER welcome start to the day...

The end of a 16 hour day isn't the worst thing. The fact that it happened on a Monday isn't the worst either.

No, the worst thing is ending some 30 hours of effort by having to roll back. That stings a bit.

Sometimes the risk doesn't land your way.

Koopa and I have a new favorite game. It's called "Face Bite"

We're both going pro.

There's no ligament damage visible to an x-ray, and the doctor didn't seem extremely concerned with the weird tendon ankle it is! I've a boot and crutches, let's see how it feels in the AM!

I might...MIGHT I say...have really fucked up my ankle today. Currently at the urgent care hoping for merely a sprain. HOPING FOR A SPRAIN!

My favorite quote from this week's episode of @questionscast :
"I'm in a room with 10 people, they all understand this thing and I don't...and that's on them"

Also, what kind of a person's favorite quote is their own words?

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Tool finally on streaming services, I can at last delete the mp3s I've had for damn near 20 years 😭

If you're going to do an article about confusion between PEMDAS and BODMAS, learn how to apply PEMDAS correctly...

Parens, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, Addition and Subtraction...each category as a whole left to right

PEMDAS is also 16

It must be the weekend, because a headache so bad it brought nausea is standing between me and things I've wanted to do all week!

A great birthday! Several teammates dressed in "Jer Cosplay" (cargo shorts, hoodies, sarcastic t-shirts, and more than a few bald caps and goatees); a cheese tray "birthday cake"; cheesesteak lunch with some teammates; and dinner was a lovely chateaubriand with

This is why, for secure communication, I stick with ... I still have friends that are holdouts on signal or whatever...but sensitive commo doesn't happen on Slack.

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