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Hey gang, random question but, do I know anybody that does landscaping that is available to do some work? Not looking for a discount, just looking for a reputable person/company that is local and does good work.

The new Spider-Man is great. I really enjoyed it. A worthy successor to the first!

Finally got a chance to open and play Betrayal at Baldur's Gate...I love Betrayal, and I think I love this version more than the original! Also, for the first time I won without being the "betrayer"!

Time for another round of, "I'll Probably Stay Dry!"

Today, a chance of thunderstorms that spikes at around 65% shortly after I should be home. Travel times are at about 20% and 40%.

I'm sure I'll be fine...

Into the Spider-verse is a fantastic movie...but that soundtrack is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Yesterday Koopa had to have three deciduous teeth extracted because they weren't falling out on their own. He's on soft food and supposed to be on pain killers...

...and he does not give a fuck! It has not slowed his biting/playing even slightly.

It's weird...I've spent a non-zero amount of time watching squirrels, and I've never seen one poop. Not once! I've watched birds poop, but never a squirrel.

I just googled "squirrels pooping" and found out it's a whole thing. Even weirder...

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I am so fucking tired of politicians taking positions because it will “save money” and not because it’s the right thing to do.


Good luck to all the golf people doing their practice round at the today!

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In this episode, we talk about your options when the travel requirements for your role change without a change in your title...we have thoughts!

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Good news: I have a job offer!
Bad news: I'm too broke to take it, but if I don't, I lose my unemployment for refusing a job. It's in Rochester NY, about 4 hours away. I need $60 for the Amtrak ticket, cash for cheap food until I get a paycheck, and a couch to crash on until I can get a furnished room. I have #maille for sale, and donations are also an option, although I have a hard time just asking for money. or$tarlimanjoppos #pride #lgbtqa #furry #leather

It's time for a new tattoo! I'm jazzed to show off this new one...

Anybody using the paid version of Fedilab on Android suddenly unable to upload images?

I call my wife "basic" like...once a week...but that's okay because she's basic 24x7!

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