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@jer_ also, 90% of all emails should be publicly available in the company and indexed for search

The IM is the single most disastrous addition to a company's communication structure that technology has ever managed. There's no more reliable way to destroy communication while maintaining the facade that it has occurred than by sending a 1-on-1 IM.

Wingspan is a TON of fun. The hype is warranted. I can't wait to play again!

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today's Big Mood: I'm not subtooting anyone, I just wanna talk about the same subject without hijacking their thread

How is it October already? As I have for the past 7 years, I am participating in again this year supporting Beaumont Children's Hospital and the Children's Miracle Network. If you could, I'd really appreciate your donations!

In a first-world problem to end all first-world problems, replacing the lockset in a 3.25" thick door is proving to be a huge pain in the ass!

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A listener asked us why we do what we do...why did we change to leadership? Far be it from us to not talk about ourselves...

Having read merely (and improbably, exactly) 25% of this list, I definitely have some catchup to do!

I like reading lists that aren't plagued by the obvious choices and don't attempt to be high-brow and "literary"...

Winner! :) I'll DM in a sec for delivery info!

My brain has finally said "if you're going to keep coasting on minimal sleep and maximal stress, I'm gonna stop doing the thinky thing"

This should be a fun week!

This is kinda neat and nerdy...the Matthais infinite lottery question has been ticket that always wins in an infinite lottery!

Dear Microsoft: clng being different in VB and VBScript is a pretty huge dick move!

people that don't like broken code

Long, early day is over, and I'm back home for a nap...I hope...

Rather than going to RiotFest, it's off to work! I'm very punk rock!

Current mood: can't sleep, need sleep, coaching dating spammers on how to up their rather weak game to increase conversion.

If you, like me, miss Rilo Kiley something fierce, check out the title track from's album, "Lover"!

You're welcome...

This is what I hear in my head whenever someone starts talking about "what our forefathers would have wanted" or "traditional Christian values".
Sky cake is delicious...

I could sleep, hear me out...I could get really wrapped up in trying to remember the lyrics to songs that I don't even like. Great call brain...lyrics it is!

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