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During a topic discussing AI/ML at work, I adore that we're dedicating significant focus to--as they put it--"putting a window on the black box" and preventing discriminatory AI/ML practice. Our commitment to makes me incredibly proud.

In a meeting of all teammates in my platform doing end of quarter reviews and retros...and it's reaffirming that I'm a part of a ludicrously smart, funny, and engaged team that takes on new challenges, embraces risk, and has really pounced on "inspect & adapt!"

Whoever was responsible for arranging for cupcakes at this 930am event understands me deeply!

Ugh. An otherwise week managed to plummet at the 11th hour and become mostly shit by day's end. Not my fave. Still

This has been a pretty awesome week, the latest in a string of pretty awesome ones! Things are really coming together at work, home life is going smoothly, Christmas prep is pretty much done, health is headed in the right direction...and puppy!

(I think) I can finally announce the good news...I am honored to have accepted the role of Director at work. I am relieved, excited, energized, and shit-my-pants terrified (but mostly the first three).

I do not deserve how great my life is. I mean, I'm not turning it down, but, just know that I'm aware that I'm married, employed, and generally living way out of my league.

The best feeling in the world is sitting in a room full of your colleagues and hearing your leadership paint a compelling, exciting vision for the future.

The technology part of our awards show fills The's amazing!

I realize I'm not doing PTO right when I notice that I'm going to get more than 40 hours in even though I'll be out of the office on Friday.

In related news, I'm mentally exhausted! Tomorrow's meetingful day is going to be ROUGH! :)


"Be grateful, but unsatisfied." -Bill Emerson

I'm getting that shit tattooed on the back of my hands!

"Devops is empathy" -John Willis

So true...devops is the antithesis of the traditional "us vs them" amongst development, network, hardware, and security. You can't just assume the other folks are stupid once you understand what they do.

John Willis talks about an exercise writing a "dear auditors" letter apologizing after an imagined fault. What a great way to ferret out risks, high value opportunities, and gaps!

This room looks to seat about 350-400 people, and the walls are lined with people in need of seats...clearly we are a group that sees the value in and is keenly interested in a devops transformation. Amazing.

"You have to get into a mindset of lead-time and resilience if you're going to make devops work for you!" -John Willis

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