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In what I think is the best year we've had to date, Light Recoil raised over $6k for the Children's Miracle Network during this year's ! Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, and watched. You're all awesome!

If you still want to donate

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Congratulations to Michael Walker, the winner on the Patton Oswalt tickets! Thank you for your donation! I'll be reaching out this week with details!

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It's already August somehow, which means we're only about 3 short months away from , where I'm fundraising for Beaumont Children's Hospital and @CMNHospitals.

My goal for this month is to reach $300. Please donate and/or spread the word!

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Thanks each of you who donated to my campaign. You created a record breaking game day for !

If you missed your chance...good news, you didn't! We're still taking tax deductible donations through the end of the year:

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Team @lightrecoil is about to live stream a one-shot RPG... @GuidedGames is donating the game for free in honor of our fundraising efforts for ... if you want to donate:

You can watch on our stream at

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Today's shirt is a little older...from my 3rd or 4th year of participation.

I reached my goal faster than ever; thank you all so much! I'm still fundraising, and there's still a bit of room for having your donation matched!

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Let's talk about not-election.

This is the last week before the gaming marathon, and as is my custom, I'm wearing a different EL shirt each day through the end of the LAN. Please consider donating what you can.

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We're in the home stretch, folks! This time next week I will be starting a 24-hour gaming marathon in support of Beaumont Children's Hospital--and with your help, my wallet will be $1000 lighter. I'm matching donations to my campaign here:

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At this moment, I am nearly 3/4 of the way to my fundraising goal for ...and I'm on the hook to match $500 in donations. Drive that number up by donating whatever you can today, the children of Beaumont Children's Hospital could use it!

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I have just reached the half way point in my fundraising endeavor for ...I will be matching all donations through the end of our 24h (virtual) LAN on Nov 7/ no donation is too small, and sharing is free!

Now that I've mostly recovered from the sleep deprivation that coincided with last weekend's fundraiser for , I want to say THANK YOU to all of you that helped raise over $40k locally and over $10M overall...and there's still time to donate! ❤️❤️

Switching up to an old standby for us...Payday 2! Stream @ Donate @

Playing some Ultimate Chicken Horse at ... Stream @ Donate @

Apparently this didn't post in the morning...but here's my load-out...some board games, gaming lappy, xbox, and switch...and my themed pillow from !

At some point I stopped throwing my Monster calls in the recycling so that I could keep track. I'm going to have to stop keeping track.

As we approach the holiday of gratitude (Halloween), please consider donating to my campaign to help sick kids.

Every little bit helps...and if you can't donate, please share this...

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