Easily the best seats I've had for a baseball game...today is the day I'll learn the game, I'm sure!

The two finished pieces from today, plus a close up of my favorite two fishies--Bert and Ernie. Amazing work by Jess at Watchtower Tattoo Company again.

The first of today's work...a little Escher inspired geometry!

The results of today's work. Today I learned that the calf is far ouchier than expected. Related, I was only able to do the one piece today. As always, Jess did amazing work!

Starting day 2 of my leg "sleeve"...first up, a calf piece.

Finally finished and installed the cabinet over the fridge. All I have left to do is build and install the doors, which I hope to do this week.

The start of my leg sleeve...I love every bit of this! Jess at Watchtower Tattoo Co does amazing work! ❤️

One of the coolest parts of going over to @spartan318's place to play Marvel Crisis Protocol is getting to play with beautifully crafted and painted settings and miniatures. Look at this!

On the plate in front of you lies two slices of toast, side by side. Fried eggs sit atop one, peanut butter is spread on the other. Are you looking at two unrelated things, or an abomination known as an open-faced, peanut butter and egg sandwich?

I'm building cabinets for our dining room, and they're coming along okay. I see nothing but the flaws, but, I'm reasonably happy with this first one despite that...


Prosperity gospel is alive and well in the US. I hear this sentiment or one like it so terribly often: the rich earned their way there through hard work and brains, the poor deserve it by being lazy and dumb.

Nevermind that the VAST majority of the rich got there (or got their start) through generational wealth, poverty is a black hole that sucks you in and doesn't let go easily, and actual rags to riches stories are so rare as to be almost non-existent.

Being rich isn't noble.

After a last minute, surprise, 40h trip to Syracuse, Ger and I are very ready to be home...we just need a plane...

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From a couple weeks ago when I had to dress up for work...I CAN clean up if need be, I just really don't want to...

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Today I presented at our award show, and because my team is the best, they captured so many very dignified photos of me during the proceedings!

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Date night! Catching @henryrollins in Royal Oak!

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Spent a little time tonight trying some new games: Dungeon Drop and Tiny Epic Dungeons. The former, a really quick, cute competitive game. The latter a medium complexity co-op crawler. Both much fun!

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One of my goals for this year is to greatly increase the amount of rest I manage daily. Not just sleep, rest. At the moment I'm aiming for 9 hours a day with 7 of them being sleep and 15 minutes of meditation so I can adjust from there. scientificamerican.com/article

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After a bunch of really satisfying labor, I finally finished phase 1 of @sprtn318's tabletop for Marvel Crisis Protocol and today we were able to break it in!

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