Wingspan is a TON of fun. The hype is warranted. I can't wait to play again!

The talk on playing well with others was incredibly info dense, did an awesome job. I loved this takeaway...

This is easily my favorite depiction of the Two Generals problem, courtesy of

The industry isn't failing to try, but people of color are still intensely under-represented. This isn't a pipeline problem...but it is (at least in part) an attrition problem. We're squeezing out POC from our industry.

Next up, learning how pro-diversity initiatives can hide racists

Example of the effects of ML bias: the black woman on the right with no history of violent crimes was rated as significantly riskier than the white guy on the left with a rich history of violence. I wonder why?

He went in to commit more violent crimes, she did not.

I can't tell you how many times I've shared the "methods are verbs, classes and structs are nouns"...I rarely even consider the other things that need naming...

I will probably never experience any of these microaggressions, but there are some things I can do to help and wield my numerous privileges responsibly...

Such an important question, especially for women and POC in is easy to feel incredibly alone. Find mentors!

It's never too warm out for Bowser to want to cuddle...Bowser is sort of a jerk!

The good: really awesome view from my new workspace.

The less good: turns out, my discomfort around heights is greater than I thought...

Throwing down some serious ... we came SO CLOSE to winning this scenario!

This game night, I shall be Princess my Furicorn Stabby!

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