From birdsite 

As I was headed to the front rail for Rise Against I heard "hey, old man, you getting in the pit?"

I pointed out that I was a bit old for that and he agreed that it was "probably for the best"

I'm sorry...what? 1/3

From birdsite 

Now reader, if this was a good story, it would be about how I brushed that insolence off and had a great show way in the back.

If it was a tale of heroism, it would be about how I got in that pit and showed those whippersnappers what's what.

Unfortunately... 2/3


From birdsite 

In this story, I was successfully baited into more than 60 minutes in the pit getting my ass kicked by hundreds of youthful, fit, rage-filled toddlers.

It was an amazing set, but I might need to visit an ER. 3/3

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