Three communication rules that have served me well over the years...a thread (with an ending that I didn't expect):
1. Ask the question you want the answer to

Don't ask "whatcha doing tomorrow?" When you mean "can you help me move tomorrow?"

2. Don't phrase demands as questions

Is "no" an acceptable answer to your request? If not, why is it a question?

All-too-common example: "hey, can you work Saturday?"..."no"..."Oh, it's not optional, I need you to come in on Saturday"

3. Don't phrase requests as statements

If you're asking for something, ask for it.

Example: " now I have nobody to help me move, I don't know what I'm going to do" cue expectant waiting...

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Of course, this all very much keys into the differences between ask culture and guess culture, but I'm sufficiently a narcissist to believe that my ask culture ways are Right and guess culture is ymmv

What I'm saying, I guess, is that communication is hard and maybe the gross oversimplification I began with is more "gross" and less "simple" than I thought when I started this thought...

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