I gripe about a lot of shit because rants amuse me, but I have a ton to appreciate. So, I thought, why not share just a handful of the good stuff.

🔸I was able to call out some misogyny on social media and none of my followers defended it
🔸I'm surrounded by a team at work that constantly strives to make every day better than the last
🔸The folks closest to me are hilarious and make me laugh constantly
🔸I'm able to live in a state of constant learning and it's cool that I don't know everything (out even very much)
🔸I have a tiny white dog who loves nothing more than to bite my nose to get me to fight him

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The last item is obviously the most important.

But seriously, none of these are monumental, but I am genuinely grateful for each of them and infinitely more that I didn't list.

What are the things that you appreciate about your life today?

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