I saw someone else seeking similar feedback, and I thought it was a great idea... How approachable am I, on a scale from 1 to 10? (Where 1 is very, where 10 is very, very, 5 is not at all, 4 is more approachable than 6, but both are less than 5, etc)

Gotta be at least 5, because I'm replying to you.

Your numbers seem kinda messed up in your example, or am I just confused (is 4 more- or less-approachable than 5?)

@Cornellbox doh, mastodon notifications failed me again.

The joke was that I was building a bell curve for answers where 5 was the peak and 4 and 6 were more or less randomly chosen points along the curve to the left and right of the 5 peak. My numbers are, in fact, terrible! :)

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