A quick shout-out to all of you woke af folks complaining about how terrible it is that retail folks have to work this "family holiday" someone who used to rely on that holiday pay, hush! I'm sure everyone is proud that you can afford the time off, but many want that cash!

@jer_ Not just retail folks. My ex was an er tech who volunteered for every holiday shift because that time-and-a-half made a huge difference for us.

@jer_ maybe workers should get paid more instead of having to beg for table scraps?

Those aren't mutually exclusive, though. When I was earning minimum wage, I relied on holiday pay to live. Later, I relied on it for Christmas money to improve my spending power.

I argue we can be for a better living wage without our privilege making us dicks to those with less!

@jer_ we left nice tips during the meals we ate at restaurants yesterday 🤷

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