Sometimes I think I'm smart, then when the flight attendant asks me what I'd like to drink as I board the plane I plan on sleeping through, I say "coffee!"

I'm complicated.

Uninstalled work apps from my phone, and I'm officially on vacation! Time for a much needed (and possibly deserved) break!

In this episode, Dawn and I address the age-old question, is it "Agile" to measure?

We also brought you the 4th in our bookclub series, Simon Sinek's "Start With Why"...

I have not yet seen one post on social media about how someone doesn't watch Game of Thrones. I have, however, seen approximately infinity posts "responding" to people saying they don't watch.

We get it, you watch the thing! Your counter-edginess is so edgy!

Koopa was incredibly irked with me for giving him a bath earlier. He has either forgiven me, or his plan is to suffocate me in his sleep.

There are days when I think "why the fuck did I stop writing code?"

They've been rare lately, but today was one of those days. Is it too early to go to bed and use the sleep reset button? I'm ready for tomorrow...

"The wall of dicks is how you get out of the pool of assholes" --me in the latest episode of @questionscast NOT describing the worst Ninja Warrior obstacle ever.

I really want to buy a Shinola watch (new automatics are quite sexy ) but I'm not sure I can give up getting notifications, weather, etc on my watch!

What a first world quandary!

I declare it spring, motherfucker!

I see it now, I guess I do look slightly more angry bald!

It's a beautiful morning...but after one trip on the highway with the top down I can confirm that it is time...

This hair must go!

Today we play a little game called "how many double espressos is too many double espressos" courtesy of all day meetings...

In my new role, it seems like I talk a LOT more than I used to in a given day. If I talk a lot (and by "a lot" I mean, more than even my usual standards). As a result, my voice is mostly dead by the end of most days.

This doesn't feel this normal? Help me Dr Toots

Folks, it is hard being this damned good looking...but I do it anyway because you deserve it!

While shitty dudes are out there down-rating movies they haven't seen for daring to star women, @brielarson is commissioning studies to determine the degree to which there's an inclusivity problem in movie press coverage. Her character isn't the only hero!

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