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Bowser would prefer I never leave again, it seems...

Of course we need to find a used bookstore before we leave!

🔹At least 1 server passed me without giving me an hors d'oeuvre

This much, at least, is true. It was an absolutely lovely wedding, and we're all so happy for them!

Completely untrue rumors from Bill & Dawn's :
🔹I certainly did not cry while reading the inscription in my book
🔹Dugan, Bill, and I did not perform a (very) un-choreographed dance to the Backstreet Boys (ignore any videos that might surface)

Dancing is sweaty work that we do infrequently, but with undeserved confidence!

A gorgeous couple's first dance!

One of us cleans up well...hint: it's not me!

Oh were so delicious when I ate you, but have been the cause of such heartburny regret ever since.

Aww, who am I kidding, I'd do it again...get over here!

Dear web developers that created the monstrosity that is the @MILottery website...I can only assume your goal was to prevent gambling addicts from using the site, and if so, kudos! I haven't seen a more hostile web experience since Angelfire.

The Consuming Fire was so good! I'm always sketchy about second books in any series...they often feel like a letdown. This was better than the first, which I enjoyed immensely!

"Confidence isn't about knowing you're right. Confidence is about knowing you can make it right."


I really dig this looking rooms, nice view of some pretty parts of Milwaukee, and some porny-looking art across from the bed.

Let's go to a wedding!

I'm very proud to celebrate 16 years without drugs or alcohol...even more, I'm grateful for all of the things in my life that would not be possible otherwise.

The technology part of our awards show fills The's amazing!

I realize I'm not doing PTO right when I notice that I'm going to get more than 40 hours in even though I'll be out of the office on Friday.

In related news, I'm mentally exhausted! Tomorrow's meetingful day is going to be ROUGH! :)


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Slowly but surely getting there. We still need to build the bookshelf, stain the whole mess, and add trim...just the hard parts left!