Today we welcomed a new car (and much less enthusiastically, a new car payment) into the family. Say hello to our Subaru Ascent!

I've seen close to nothing about it, but if you're into whodunnits "See How They Run" is a fun little spoof of the genre.

I'm legit bummed to not be going to RiotFest this year, but my travel schedule just couldn't make it a thing. Next up, a hockey tourney in STL and a music fest in LAS!

Due to the early hour and the relative nearness of the airport, we opted to take the shuttle. The grinding sound the brakes are making is causing me to question that decision. At least we're absolutely careening toward our destination though!

Up too damned early to finally get home. This flight seemed like a much better idea when I booked it!

A FACT that my lovely wife just doesn't understand: there are dessert pop tarts (maple brown sugar, s'mores, etc) and there are breakfast pop tarts (any fruit, frosted or not). That thin layer of sugary fruit flavor provides much needed cover for breakfast sweet consumption!

I considerably overestimated my abilities for today's hike, but I'm glad I got to the was so beautiful it made the three hours of tricking myself into going another quarter mile worth it!

There's an amazing trail just outside of our lodging, so today I was reminded that hiking at high altitudes is way harder than I'm used to and I'm way out of shape. Obviously, I blame the former more than the latter...

Photos over on VERO

Telluride is gorgeous! I cannot wait to get out and hike some of the trails I've seen already. The view from our bedroom is gorgeous and looking down the main street to see mountains right next to you on all sides is amazing!

Our journey continues on this little fella. Notable, Ger already made a friend, like she does.

The theme of this trip is, apparently, "I'll take your most distant gate, please"'s flight will be a little baby plane we access from the tarmac!

Due to the way my varying neuroses collide, it is now time for the multi-hour wait at my gate because we arrive ludicrously early!

And so Ger's Artsy Colorado Adventure (That She's Letting Me Tag Along On)™️ begins with the trip to the airport!

@theshins put on an amazing show. I'm tempted to fly out to catch them at a future date it was so good. A+, would jam out again! Also, brilliant bringing out @thebandjoseph several times! ❤️

The band opening for @theshins was as fantastic as this photo is terrible! Much love for @thebandjoseph

Neither I nor my wife will benefit from student loan forgiveness if I understand the limits correctly; and when all is said and done I'll have paid tens of thousands in just interest for my loans...

and I still support this forgiveness with every fiber of my being.

Looks like we'll be buying a new car for my wife to replace her ride for the last decade. It's just becoming more expensive to maintain than replace. Who has a large sedan or small SUV they love?

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