My brain has finally said "if you're going to keep coasting on minimal sleep and maximal stress, I'm gonna stop doing the thinky thing"

This should be a fun week!

This is kinda neat and nerdy...the Matthais infinite lottery question has been ticket that always wins in an infinite lottery!

Dear Microsoft: clng being different in VB and VBScript is a pretty huge dick move!

people that don't like broken code

Long, early day is over, and I'm back home for a nap...I hope...

Rather than going to RiotFest, it's off to work! I'm very punk rock!

Current mood: can't sleep, need sleep, coaching dating spammers on how to up their rather weak game to increase conversion.

If you, like me, miss Rilo Kiley something fierce, check out the title track from's album, "Lover"!

You're welcome...

This is what I hear in my head whenever someone starts talking about "what our forefathers would have wanted" or "traditional Christian values".
Sky cake is delicious...

I could sleep, hear me out...I could get really wrapped up in trying to remember the lyrics to songs that I don't even like. Great call brain...lyrics it is!

Welcome back, insomnia! Oh how I did not miss you!

I just finished's "Heart Berries" and I don't think I've been as impacted by a book in a long time...not since Anger is a Gift or The Hate U Give, and this all tore me up something fierce.

Neither my wife nor I are especially fans of horror flicks...but Ready or Not is amazing. I loved it!

Happy "New Tool Album" day. If you need me, I'll be enhancing my tinnitus while catching up on my work backlog!

Current state: on a conference call from another state while the team does the Big Important Thing(tm), simultaneously digging and regretting how superfluous I am to this process because they're so good at what they do!

Also, very sleepy! :)

I didn't really notice it last night because we landed in Syracuse so late, but my rental is an absolute schoolbus. I've never considered myself a bad driver until trying to navigate normal roads in this behemoth!

I'll never understand why they won't let me carry nail clippers into the airport, but give me a real glass and real cutlery during the flight.

At the airport listening to the flight before us slowly get fucked:
🔹Your crew is running late
🔹I mean super late
🔹Oh, you get a smaller plane now
🔹You'll get your new seat on scraps of paper
🔹Your plane has no wings and will drive to kzoo
🔹A bus...your plane is a bus

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Join us as we discuss the frustrations of a listener who finds their company's leadership insufficient and is trying to get promoted.

Stay tuned after for another book! Let's talk about Daniel Pink's "Drive"...

I pace when I'm on the phone. How much? Yesterday I was on the phone more or less continuously bouncing between two calls for 10 hours during which I traveled just short of 12000 steps, never getting more that about 20 feet from my desk.

Phone calls are my fitness program.

The teams I lead and my leadership chain mean that it was a long week, but in no way a punishing one. I'm ready for vacation, but I'm also missing the team that I'm leaving behind for a few days.

Get yourself a gig like that, give up some money if that's what's necessary, but get there.


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