Continuing the theme of excellence, we get to hear Dan Gilbert interview Big Sean

A panel on excellence with Kendall Coyne, Desmond Howard, Nadeshot, Amanda Beard, and Kirk Herbstreit...just another day at the office!

Fun fact: when a gas company solicitor comes to your door, the question "wait, would I be able to switch to your company even if I were like, 6 months behind on my bill?" makes them leave in a hurry.

One of the downsides to my promotion: I miss being directly involved in emergency situations. Those are areas that I enjoy and now I have to trust my leaders and stay out of their way...but I'd rather be in the thick of things.

My sleep, recently. The red line was my average hours per night in November (3.8)... I'm regularly getting 6-8 hours each night now!

I want to celebrate by staying up all night playing Breath of the Wild...but...that's gonna screw up my graph.

I forgot to put on my usual, unscented lotion today, so I borrowed some. I now smell fancy. I approve!

I don't love working from home, but one of the upsides is getting to channel my inner coffee snob and have really good coffee...

Tonight, we visit WWII and try to kill Hitler in Black Orchestra!

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In this episode, we talk about what to do when a reorg is having an affect on your attitude:

Don't forget to join our bookclub! Currently reading the Little Guide to Empathetic Technical Leadership

Just call me Nerdstradamus, because I can flat out see the future apparently...

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The best part of tomorrow's episode is the "inside baseball" bit where @jer_ talks about the audio editing and we find out that is the most common source of things that have to be cut!

I needed this pretty badly...chilling at home, no plans, under a pile of dogs, intermittently napping and watching mindless television.

I have resigned from my position on the Board of Directors. There are more words about that here, but the core of the message was the first sentence :)

My new tattoo...a representation of Grace Hopper's "nanosecond wire"...initially it was going to be an elbow piece, but after discussing it with the artist, we decided to do something less complex there and put this on my inner wrist.

So...there was a fire at the gas company--no, that's not the start to a joke--so they're asking us to set our thermostats to 65 for the time being.

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