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I did a quick vanity search did I forget about Project Raging Dragon, Lol...

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Did you like The Revolution, Brought to You By Nike? Get ready for my novel America, Inc., coming this summer! It's about a corporation running for president of the United States.

...And that's the good guys.

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This was a talky day, even by my bloviating almost 9 hours of training followed by a couple hours of podcast recording...tomorrow I might just communicate solely through grumpy looks and obscene hand gestures.

In completely unsurprising news...leadership has to be about more than the bottom line to be of value:

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If you make it through the series finale of The Good Place with dry eyes, you have failed this round of testing. Perfect ending.

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Overwhelmingly, I am wrong!

My thinking: Time moves forward, if you're moving a meeting against the flow of time, you're moving BACK. Likewise, moving a meeting up would be to shift it to an earlier time...UP the calendar.

But I always just say the new time instead.

Uh oh, I think I've been wrong about a thing for a while...settle a debate:

It's currently 10am. I ask you to move a meeting back an hour. What time is the meeting now?

I ask you to move it up an hour. What time is the meeting now?

What support looks like: For over a decade--across several jobs--when changes come that have the potential to jeopardize my enjoyment of my gig sufficiently that it might be time to move on, my wife has always had the same response:

"Do it. We'll be fine, you should be happy."

I promise that this will be the last of my advertising spam...but...Super Bowl Squares and March Madness Brackets are my jam...if you use the link, you and I both could win money at my work's Super Bowl Squares dealie. I dig money!

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