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Since we didn't get very many women, enbies, or people of color to submit talks, the folks choosing talks for the Decentralisation & Internet Privacy track at FOSSDEM 19 decided that we'd like to ask of you:

If you submitted a talk, go ask an underrepresented minority friend/acquaintance of yours if they'd like to give the talk with you/in your stead.

CC @fosdem, can we get a little boost 💜?

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Tomorrow's podcast is going to be late...probably later this week...between travel and technical difficulties it's just not happening yet!

There's the we leave...that seems right...

I don't have a political point to make here; I don't care about your affiliation, your party, or your vote; here's the only thing that matters this week for a huge number of Americans:

December 15 is the cut-off to register for health care at

Pass it on.

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We saw where the books live, now where the games and comics live!

It seems like Twitter is for right-wing zealots, Mastodon is for left-wing zealots, Facebook is for finding out which family members you shouldn't invite to holiday dinners, and LinkedIn is for recruiters.

Where's the social media for folks whose POV won't fit in a meme?

I do love "mute" more than life itself though. Most of these "very reasonable" sealions do love to stalk conversations...the ability to disappear them like magic is...magical?

Ugh, save me from uber-woke folks with middle grade reading comprehension and emotional attachments to specious arguments. I don't have time to play "whack a mole" today.

Thank you next!

I am completely in agreement with this list...although I think it's merely a start...people reliant on their title are managers, not leaders.

I'm looking forward to's podcast!

Alternate titles for your article,
🔹Old person shakes fist at cloud
🔹Writing about things without trying them
🔹New automobiles will spook my horses

That indie author Stephen King might just break one day!

I travel with to distant cities so we can see where their books live! The Austin Central Library might be the best library I've ever been in!

Austin, I am in you! Also, I just had some of your salsa...if you need me, I'll be in the bathroom sobbing!

This would look tons better with snow!

Lord, save me from libertarians and progressives alike who have the most simple "solutions" to all of life's problems that just so happens to coincide with the point of view at the last filter bubble meeting they attended...

The dogs seem to dig their new window seat! Bowser seems a little intimidated by the leap down; Yoshi, not so much.

With the notable exception of the trim and a large cushion for the window seat (read: dog seat), the long journey is done. We are in love with it!

I finally got a chance to play Mysterium with a bigger group, which solidified it as one of my favorite games to play. It's tough without feeling impossible and makes the collaborative actually feel like boosting one another rather than negotiating for your strategy. ❤️