Also, I have to assume that everyone that called Brie Larson's Captain Marvel "wooden", "under acted", or "flat" tell women they meet to smile more on a regular basis...

After my fourth time through, I can confirm that the already great Captain Marvel improves with each viewing, Brie Larson is a national treasure, and that soundtrack is 🔥🔥🔥. The "I have nothing to prove to you" scene is "Wonder Woman crossing no man's land" scorching!

In a meeting of all teammates in my platform doing end of quarter reviews and retros...and it's reaffirming that I'm a part of a ludicrously smart, funny, and engaged team that takes on new challenges, embraces risk, and has really pounced on "inspect & adapt!"

My best guess is that I have around 5000 hours of public speaking over the last 2 decades--half way to being a Gladwell-esque expert...

...and I will always be terrified before I start, always be completely drained emotionally and mentally after, and always love having done it!

Oh, Slurping Turtle, how I have missed you!

Oh, rush hour traffic to Ann Arbor, how I have not missed you at all!

Join us in a discussion of planning in the face of those than keep changing the game plan. Should you give up? How do you stop change? We have thoughts...

Dark Phoenix was incredibly meh. A disappointing end to a very uneven run of the X-Men that was still mostly enjoyable. There was quite a bit in the movie vthat was good, but overall, it just didn't land. Bummer.

The big announcement...the formation of , the (soon to be) non-profit to further 's mission of tech industry accessibility! So amazing!

Time for an extremely appropriate to me closing talk... Developers, Go the F*ck to Sleep from

The talk on playing well with others was incredibly info dense, did an awesome job. I loved this takeaway...

Task conflict is good, but needs to be monitored because over time it will turn into relationship conflict.

"Sharding" will always make me laugh because it ALWAYS sounds like "sharting" when spoken.

"Don't accept human error as the root cause for anything. Dig deeper!"

TIL: "RAFT" (as in raft algorithm) isn't an's raft because it's "a bunch of logs"

I love that!

OMG! Thank you so much for dismissing eventual consistency as a solution for distributed consistency,!!! That's always so frustrating to me.

This is easily my favorite depiction of the Two Generals problem, courtesy of

Now we're going near and dear to my heart with why distributed systems are so hard by

Pairing and rubber ducking as a method of formative brings a clever strategy that I'd never thought of!

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