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Fuck you for naming your application "Teams" and naming each primary grouping in that application a "Team" so that I could end up typing the following..."in the IT Leadership Team Teams team"

I know that was on I'm both mad and impressed.

Disney must be saving so much in streaming costs while millions of subscribers sit around evenings scroll through the list reminiscing and building watch lists instead of watching anything on Disney+

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A listener asks what to do when leadership tries to undermine you and reveals your salary to your colleagues!

Don't forget that the bookclub has moved to Thursdays!

My neighborhood, which spends most of its waking moments in whining diatribes about trash cans, has pivoted to crying inconsolably about having to keep their cars in their driveway so that plowing can be done.

Such martyrs, these people that have to shuffle cars in the morning.

I shoveled like 2 or so hours ago! ❄️♥️❄️♥️❄️

Now that I've mostly recovered from the sleep deprivation that coincided with last weekend's fundraiser for , I want to say THANK YOU to all of you that helped raise over $40k locally and over $10M overall...and there's still time to donate! ❤️❤️

If you're offended by "okay, Boomer", rest assured that you are definitely who they're talking to. Would you like to see their manager, Karen?

Time to play Dragonball Z or Thunderbirds or whatever...the game with the robots that form together to form a bigger robot...Voltron?

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The best Christmas advert, straight and gay 

The middle one--the one I consider the sarcastic one--picked up a mouthful of food and, as I told him what a good boy he was, dropped it at my feet.

What a dick.

Denouement: Koopa ate the dropped food. Yoshi dropped a new pile of food at my feet. Koopa ate that too, making Bowser jealous.

A bit of chaotic food fighting ensued...and now all are eating. I'm taking credit for this, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what happened.

When my wife isn't home, none of the dogs want to eat. They'll just wait until she's home, then suddenly they're hungry.

This trip is a long one, so by meal 5 I took to hand feeding them to get them started. I did it twice, once at a breakfast and once at a dinner.

This morning, I put out breakfast, didn't hand feed, and they didn't eat. Tonight, I put out their dinner and sat to eat mine. They just crowded around me to get fed...just sitting and staring.


Now that got me hooked on Slay the Spire, I'll never play anything else ever again...for like a week or so...

Switching up to an old standby for us...Payday 2! Stream @ Donate @

Time for us to stream Overcooked and end our friendships! Stream @ Donate @

Playing some Ultimate Chicken Horse at ... Stream @ Donate @

Apparently this didn't post in the morning...but here's my load-out...some board games, gaming lappy, xbox, and switch...and my themed pillow from !

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