One of the coolest parts of going over to @spartan318's place to play Marvel Crisis Protocol is getting to play with beautifully crafted and painted settings and miniatures. Look at this!

Web developers: take a moment to turn off javascript on your websites. If it can't be used at all--especially if the user is confronted with a blank screen--without js support, fix it. It's a bad website.

PSA: I'm going to be spamming this link a LOT because a lot of motherfuckers need to see this...

On the plate in front of you lies two slices of toast, side by side. Fried eggs sit atop one, peanut butter is spread on the other. Are you looking at two unrelated things, or an abomination known as an open-faced, peanut butter and egg sandwich?

At long last, my reservation for a Steam Deck came up! Soon I will while away my free time video-gaming from a totally different place!

Oh hell yeah! That top line alone is hot, but so many great bands on each day. Looking forward to some Trio, Yellowcard, Descendents, SK, Ice Cube, and tons more...

Well, you cannot for ALMOST any reason. Without Roe v Wade, you can be compelled to sacrifice that autonomy if you are pregnant and you live in a state that does not protects a pregnant person from being used as a brood mare.

You know, because life is sacred.

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It does not matter that you were an active participant in someone needing your organs, it does not matter that you're at fault, it doesn't even matter that you no longer need the organs because you're dead. You cannot for any reason be compelled to sacrifice autonomy over your body and its parts.

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The family of your victim rallies almost immediately. Surely, now that you've passed, they can get your life-saving kidney. In this case, your death changes nothing--you weren't a registered organ donor and your family is inclined to honor your implied wishes. Your organs die with you. Even in death, your bodily autonomy is unassailable.

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Out of the blue, your situation take a sudden turn for the worse. In the span of minutes you go from talking with your family at your bedside and impatiently asking when you can get moved out of the ER to being pronounced dead by a tired doctor at your bedside.

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Ultimately, you make the call that you can't bring yourself to do either thing. There are many reasons that you use to justify your decision, but none of that matters--it's your call and only your call. The family of your victim goes from begging to threatening lawsuits, but there's nothing they can do. Your right to bodily autonomy is absolute. No court can compel you to use any part of your body to save the life of another person for any reason.

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You have a terribly hard decision. You're stable at the moment, but this seems like a risky time for you to undergo a surgery to remove a kidney, even though the victim in the accident you caused will not live without the transplant. Even donating some of your blood to him jeopardizes your likelihood of survival.

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Both you and the driver of the vehicle you hit are fortunate in that an ambulance scoops you up quickly and gets you to a nearby ER where you're both stabilized for the time being. You're doing okay, but the other driver is in bad shape. He needs a kidney and some blood. Miraculously, you're a perfect match for both.

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Allow me to set the scene. It's late at night and you're starting the last hour of a multi-hour trip home. You already knew that starting the drive so late instead of spending one more night away from home was ill-advised, but as your blinks become longer and slower you're having significant doubts about your ability to finish the trip. Just as you're debating the merits of stopping for a nap, the unthinkable happens. You nod off, cross the double-yellow line, and crash into an oncoming vehicle.

I'm building cabinets for our dining room, and they're coming along okay. I see nothing but the flaws, but, I'm reasonably happy with this first one despite that...

The new Doctor Strange movie is a very good, highly enjoyable Marvel movie, and a FANTASTIC Raimi flick. If you're into both of those things, this is going to be your jam.

But don't bring your young kids to this. Some serious trauma happened in the theater tonight.

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Old stories kept children on safe paths or threatened gory ends for simple disobedience.

New stories suggest that children question the paths, and celebrate sensible amounts of disobedience.

So as an avid reader of stories both old and new, I was a little uncertain how to handle the fairy ring that appeared in my kitchen.

Calling the landlord was a secondary thought. I placed some old shoes in. Then one foot, just to see what would h

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy


Prosperity gospel is alive and well in the US. I hear this sentiment or one like it so terribly often: the rich earned their way there through hard work and brains, the poor deserve it by being lazy and dumb.

Nevermind that the VAST majority of the rich got there (or got their start) through generational wealth, poverty is a black hole that sucks you in and doesn't let go easily, and actual rags to riches stories are so rare as to be almost non-existent.

Being rich isn't noble.

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The Women's Health Protection Act would enshrine the right to abortion in Federal law. It passed the House and failed in the Senate 46-48.

Ask your congress folk to bring it back, and pass it.


How can something be so unsurprising and still so disappointing? I'm sickened; both by the decision and the tactics used to get us here. "Settled law", my ass.

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