Finished the (and one seam) of the Hue Shift blanket. Only two more seams, a small boarder, and 100+ ends to weave in to go...

4/5 done the second quarter of the blanket I’m working on. Glad I started on the corner I did. This quarter is a bit clashy in places and I don’t think I be as motivated without the nice, analogous colour section to give me the bigger picture.

Still breaking in my new (academic year) day planner and marvelling at the possibility in all of these blank future pages. It’s interesting to think what might be filling them and to think of which parts from my retired planner I couldn’t possibly have predicted.

@jennemmer Also finished 1\10th of the Hue Shift Afghan. It is so much fun to see how the colours change (though the white balance is off a bit in this picture).

It’s a coffee sort of morning. Apparently grey overcast and slightly smoky skies call for a bit of bitterness in a warm beverage.

Tomorrow night I might have a brand new pair of PJ pants that I made myself. Cutting is super nerve wracking! Glad it is out of the way and there is only the seaming and finishing left. (Still new to this thing).

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