Finished the (and one seam) of the Hue Shift blanket. Only two more seams, a small boarder, and 100+ ends to weave in to go...

@jennemmer I admire the work that I know went into this. It's beautiful.

@abetterjulie Thanks Julie. It’s been a LOT of garter stitch but the changing colours kept it interesting.

@jennemmer I did one of those log cabin blankets one summer, and it was just what I needed to be doing at the time...but whew.

@abetterjulie Yes. Very much this. But worth it in the end right?

@t54r4n1 It is knit from a kit and I am super happy with how it is turning out.

@sporks Thanks 🙂 It is knit from a kit so I don’t get any credit other than the knitting, but I am super happy with how it is turning out.

@jennemmer What are the dimensions of each square? And is each square done individually?

@JordiGH Each square is about 9 cm. The squares are knit one at a time, but the stitches of each square are picked up from the edge(s) of its neighbour(s), so the only seams are seaming the 4 quarters together (you could theoretically knit it without seaming, but then you wouldn’t get the decrease ridges all pointing to the middle).

@jennemmer Hmmm! Having trouble visualising this. Why must there be seams? Is the pattern free?

@JordiGH Each quarter is knit from the outside corner in. That causes the ridges along the diagonal of the squares to point towards the middle when assembled. If it was all knit as a single square, those bumps would all run parallel to each other.

@jennemmer Hmmmm, I see! I think I kind of get it. Thanks for the explanation!

@JordiGH It is a paid pattern from a web-based yarn company called KnitPicks. (Though if you buy the kit, you are pretty much just paying for the yarn and the pattern is included).

@JordiGH I did choose to knit each square two rows smaller than the pattern called for as I’d heard some people were really close on yardage and I was trying to get this done relatively quickly. My blanket will be about 90 cm square plus whatever boarder. The pattern said it would be closer to 4.5 feet square including about a 2 inch boarder.

@jennemmer This is gorgeous already and is going to be a real stunner when it's finished!

@jennemmer that is beautiful. congrats for step: finishing the knitting.

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