You know you are an introvert when you spend the long-weekend before the teaching term starts hiding out at home and bing re-watching all of Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix.

@jennemmer How old are your students? I taught high school for one year and at times I really miss it.

@JordiGH I teach college, so variable ages but all adults. I enjoy teaching, but don’t know if I could handle high school. I am quite happy I don’t have to chase after teenagers

@jennemmer Oh, interesting. Adults-adults or freshmen? I've seen first-years behave a little like teenagers.

There were challenges to teaching teenagers, but there were many highs in that experience to counterbalance the lows.

@JordiGH Anyone who has either graduated high school or turned 19. Most students are only a few years out of high school at most, but there are also often older students who are retraining with new careers in mind. Some students aren’t very academically mature and study skills and self-motivation are things I try to teach. But I haven’t have many behaviour issues to worry about.

@JordiGH I know lots of public school teachers of all grades and I hear the bit about there being some real high points. I just don’t know that the balance would be there for me. I did Junior high and high school once and that was more than enough or me 😉

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