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Composer Philippe Treuille arranged the neural network's carol for four voices and piano!
Oh please somebody record this.

@janellecshane Also can I just say that I'm really proud of the reindeer I drew for this?

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I am really looking forward to this week's neural net experiment, which I'll be posting around 9PM EST today - Christmas carols!
The neural net got delightfully confused.

Cool, 40 entries already!

(Hahaha who submitted the turtle??)

Does anyone want to hear a neural network's attempt to imitate psalms, set to a 4-part harmony version of the Tetris theme and sung by a choir?
Lyrics, music, and an explanation of sorts:

Anyone want to watch a neural network fall flat on its face trying to make knitting patterns?

I just started a new project crowdsourcing knitting patterns. Once I have enough, I'll train a neural net and post the results to a Ravelry thread, asking for opinions on the neural net's progress.

More, and a link to the form, here:

I was the only one in my group who dressed up, but I found a friend!

experimenting with sequence-to-sequence lstm, attempting to learn cmudict transcriptions from orthography. if you stop at ~0.50 loss it thinks "ballet" is pronounced like "albert" (this is also only using the first 10k entries from the dictionary)

I trained a neural network on 14,000 bird names and now have some new species to add to your life list. Seen a Perplexaquail-Dove yet?

"Snape was trying to remember what he had done to the floor. It looked like brown cabbage. "
"Snape silkily reached for his clothes. "

Another AI collaboration toy, this time a predictive text keyboard trained on Harry Potter.

" Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly "
Suggestions: Well, true, great, Voldemort

Actually it's pretty cool when it generates what appears to be the voice of an AI character.

"I was dressed in a pair of yellow-and-white-haired, with hair and eyes"

I generated the 1st sentence. Neural net generated the 2nd. Neural net is not messing around.
Once upon a time, there was a dragon who lived in the Vastlands. And there was a man in its hands, a monster of a monster.

@breadtab Also I would love to hear more about The Stone Star. Has it changed a ton over those 50+ iterations? Does it still involve a supernova?

Here's a fun web app that lets you collaborate sentence-by-sentence with a neural net.

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