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Being vaccinated does NOT mean it's okay to ask neural nets to participate in meme formats about pandemics that didn't exist when their training data cut off in Oct 2019. You will get memes that make no sense. Be smart.

I used a few GPT-3 variants to generate April Fools pranks suitable for playing on oneself at home.

For the format they had to rely on pranks they'd seen during their internet training. Curie, the 2nd largest variant, sounded the most pranklike.

I assumed that if GPT-3 generated pickup lines, they would be terrible because they would be something like human pickup lines. Instead, they are terrible for more delightful reasons.

Gave the lyrics of this sea shanty to CLIP+FFT and had the AI generate illustrations.

It's a brand new kind of horrifying.

Obsessed with CLIP+FFT, which uses CLIP, an internet-trained image-judging AI, to steer a deep dream-like image generator.

It'll do what you ask, but it will do it excessively.

"Frodo Baggins delivering pizza through the mines of Moria"

Gave a neural net some examples from @mondomascots and it responded with some deeply weird mascots.

The Brando, a guesthouse in Tokyo, is represented by Garapon-kun, a shy yet terrifying Jack-in-the-box that likes to play with balloons.

Makuo, a sea anemone from Kagoshima, can see the future. His antennae are mittens, but he has eight toes on each hand.

"Leaning Tower of Pizza"

I used @advadnoun's Big Sleep program to steer BigGAN into generating weird images for me, using CLIP for feedback. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it failed hilariously.

Not only can DALL-E generate some pretty amazing pictures, but someone at @OpenAI put some very ai weirdness-worthy prompts in the demo. These are so much fun.

“That Time It Rained for Two Million Years”
“When Giant Scorpions Swarmed the Seas”
A lot of stuff has happened in 4.5 billion years.

I prompted GPT-3 with epic @EonsShow episode titles to see what the next billion years might hold.

I gave a set of 2020 headlines to the neural net GPT-3, whose training data cut off in October 2019.

Having never seen 2020, it tried to predict what headlines are next on the list.

GPT-3 generates reviews for the tiny neural net char-rnn's chaotic recipes.

GPT-3 is apparently trying to produce reviews that could plausibly be written by whatever weird humans are visiting this mangled recipe website.

So I managed to get GPT-3 to generate new Victorian handkerchief flirting codes.

I hope you find them useful for adding subtext to your next zoom call

This AI has never heard of but when I gave it the list of existing teams, GPT-3 predicted that these teams will come next.

The neural net GPT-3 has seen enough Halloween costumes in its general internet training that to get something unusual, you have to ask it for a twist.

I asked for high-visibility costumes for viewing in the age of covid, and was not disappointed.

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