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birdsite user @ConcernedCraig wrote this and I'm so pleased:

my nams janelle
and when a i
at riting pomes
can onli try

and its atempts
ar blest or curst
i sneek rite in
i post the wurst

what inception level is gpt-3 describing a meme from 2019 in a pseudo-chaucerian poetry form from late 2016?

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I used GPT-3 to generate personality quizzes, and it turned out better than I expected.

Which artificial intelligence are you?

Hang out with me this Sunday evening at the Women in AI book club!

5pm PST/8pm EST
I hope I get at least one question about giraffes

Since the @OpenAI API can imitate just about any kind of text it saw on the internet, the trick is to figure out the right prompt. I tried to get it to generate whale facts.

Generating facts is one thing. Generating TRUE facts is another.

So happy to share with you: the first scifi story I've ever sold, appearing today in Strange Horizons!

- robots
- cryogenic exoplanets
- linguistics
- beeping

When an AI is trained on words, weird things can happen to the physical domain.

I asked the OpenAI API about horses.

I've been previewing the new @OpenAI API, and honestly despite myself I was a bit nervous when I typed "go ahead and try it." It's that good.

What happens when a neural net tries to write rhyming lyrics?

Apparently, an ode to defunct Swiss chemical company Alusuisse.

The fine rhyming work of
Mark Riedl's Weird A.I. program

I trained a neural net on 1100 escape room names, and now we have some interesting new ways to be stuck in a room.

names and descriptions via Max Woolf's GPT-2-simple
creepy images via

I had fun experimenting with OpenAI's , a neural net that can generate not just musical notation but the entire sound file, including lyrics and shrieks and applause.

of COURSE i used it to produce several unlikely covers of Baby Shark

Someone asked me what would happen if I took a neural net trained to produce images of cats and then trained it on images instead.

If you've ever wished Bakeoff was more like a periodic function I have great news for you

This is delightful: a transcript of a Murderbot/ART AMA interview

Not a question, but I love you MURDERBOT & ART is awesome!
ART: Thank you. You get to live.
MB: It’s kidding.
ART: Okay.

You know there's something strange going on when you ask your neural net for "a horse on a bicycle" and you get this

For the perhaps five people that haven't heard about this yet: if you are in the US, the Murderbot books will be free to download this week, one per day, starting today with All Systems Red:

Trained StyleGAN2 on pictures of my cat.
StyleGAN2 had been originally trained on human faces.
This is an intermediate training stage.

Not sure whether to laugh or scream

It's interesting to see what the neural net got right about the eggs. They're convincingly 3D. But it completely failed to pick up on the speckled eggs and instead did these weird layered pearlescent eggs.

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