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I feel like we often don't acknowledge how very strange US grocery store names are. People just think it's normal to shop at a place called Big Bear or Giant Eagle or Piggly Wiggly.

So I used GPT-3 to add to a list of Perfectly Normal grocery stores.

Because I so dearly love it when humans play along when computers ask for silly things, I have generated drawing prompts for !

I've managed to get GPT-3 to follow themes. Here's "animals". The rest are at this link:

I asked an image generating AI to generate "Full moon - high res" three times, giving it the same grey circle as a starting point

It's easier to make an industrial demon than a unicorn cake? I experimented with @RiversHaveWings's new diffusion-guided CLIP method.

"industrial demon, matte painting, artstation HD"
"unicorn cake with golden horn and rainbow sprinkles"

"How the hell did she knit this?"

I had so much fun talking to Alison Korleski on the Fiber Nation podcast about SkyKnit, my AI-generated knitting pattern project.

AI-generated cake 

There's no cake fail like an AI-generated cake fail.

I had CLIP+VQGAN attempt some classic showstopper cakes. Here's its "galaxy glaze cake"

Used GPT-3 to figure out how to become viral on the birdsite.


Quote toot with a meme of you in a situation that makes you say "god damn it"

Pretty striking the difference that a byline makes when asking CLIP+VQGAN to generate images.

"Internet infrastructure"
"Internet infrastructure by James Gurney"

new post at!

Tried to generate a chair made of beetle kill pine.

It's a wood with distinctive blue streaks, salvaged from trees killed by pine bark beetles. Turns out it was easier to get CLIP+VQGAN to generate the texture than the chair.

@WAHa_06x36 I've been trying to think of some good ones. So far this is the best combo I've come up with.

Tried "all-new" and "instagram influencer"

Asking CLIP+VQGAN to generate

"a car driving down a road in monument valley"

versus "A car driving down a desert road in monument valley | dramatic atmospheric ultra high definition free desktop wallpaper"


What fascinates me about generating images with CLIP is that it CAN generate depth and realistic textures, but only if you know how to ask for them.

"A herd of sheep grazing on a lush green hillside" alone

vs with "amazing awesome and epic" added

The problem with taking startup advice from a text-generating neural network is even the advanced ones know more about what sounds good than about what actually works.

In which a neural net prompted with NOAA's Atlantic Basin Storm Name Pronunciations guide further erodes the already tenuous link between English spelling and pronunciation

Generate buzz with these AI food truck concepts.

Remember, GPT-3 scanned most of the internet during training so it knows what's popular!

Botsplaining: turns out it's much easier to get a neural nets to sound confident than to actually be correct.

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