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“That Time It Rained for Two Million Years”
“When Giant Scorpions Swarmed the Seas”
A lot of stuff has happened in 4.5 billion years.

I prompted GPT-3 with epic @EonsShow episode titles to see what the next billion years might hold.

@flugennock That looks like one of Keaton Patti's things - although he's never used AI for any of these, it's interesting that there are enough of his scripts online now that, now that more-powerful neural nets are trained on internet data, their scripts are starting to resemble his fabrications

I gave a set of 2020 headlines to the neural net GPT-3, whose training data cut off in October 2019.

Having never seen 2020, it tried to predict what headlines are next on the list.

GPT-3 generates reviews for the tiny neural net char-rnn's chaotic recipes.

GPT-3 is apparently trying to produce reviews that could plausibly be written by whatever weird humans are visiting this mangled recipe website.

@pastelpunkbandit YES apparently my cat has been trying to tell me she's a witch

@mansr There wasn't anything like that in the prompt, but GPT-3 was pretrained on a bunch of internet text, so there must have been some stuff about dueling somehow associated with handkerchiefs

So I managed to get GPT-3 to generate new Victorian handkerchief flirting codes.

I hope you find them useful for adding subtext to your next zoom call

@akkartik The background is just a radial gradient on top of a parchment color. The pictures I drew myself!

This AI has never heard of but when I gave it the list of existing teams, GPT-3 predicted that these teams will come next.

The neural net GPT-3 has seen enough Halloween costumes in its general internet training that to get something unusual, you have to ask it for a twist.

I asked for high-visibility costumes for viewing in the age of covid, and was not disappointed.

@reinderdijkhuis I did think that one was funny but secretly nice! I agree that they're pretty, and your rendition is particularly gorgeous!

@Steinar @pagrus I talked a bit about it on a Birdsite thread - there are a lot of unknowns when it comes to what will happen to their existing beta and API, which may end up continuing in some form. But I definitely have concerns about how they'll be making decisions about access and acceptable use.

Making a book with my best buddies? Who could say no to that?


Huge news! I've been working for a few months with and on an unofficial sequel to Harold Cohen's 1984 Artificial Intelligence Coloring Book! Some gorgeous teaser images from Anna's section below. So much more to come! 😍


Wondered what would happen if I gave this prompt, a permanent message designed for a nuclear waste site, to something oppositely ephemeral, a neural net trained on a snapshot of internet text from October 2019.

This post is not a post of honor.

@allo Ah yes, that's how my bonus material works right now - I'm trying to build my mailing list, so the bonus material is the reward for subscribing. My agent and publisher really want me to do it this way. You can always subscribe, wait for the email with the bonus material, and then unsubscribe again

Are you not terrified and repulsed??

I prompted GPT-3 with some human proposals for marking a nuclear waste site, in a way that will still be forbidding millennia from now.

"I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that telling a neural net to pretend it’s a smaller, more-confused neural net is now easier than actually training the smaller neural net."

wow @janellecshane
welcome to the future I guess

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