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Rather than collect 1000s of supervillain bios, train a neural net on them, and style-transfer them all to be about AI, I just had GPT-3 generate the resulting blog post.

I collected my favorite AI supervillains and illustrated them.

@Celestia 1. Yeah, weird how the scaling makes even a 60-degree drop look moderate.
2. Oh no, is feral weather the singing-annoying-songs or the flustering-ponies-with-tricks type of villain?

@moritzheiber come to think of it, it's like we're about to undergo a literal conversion to metric

@Sandra The second one, "concepts" is as close to final as it gets. But people are free to do whichever list they like best, or to mix and match.

@Olm_e It might be able to! It would depend on whether it needed to assess the actual art

@mplammers I'm curating the best prompts that GPT-3 generates - the screenshot that has the story in it is an example of raw output from GPT-3. I did end up using #7 from that GPT-3 run for one of the prompt lists. I tried where possible to keep the numbers the same (although if I had two I liked, I'd change one to #8 or another slot I had open). Hope this helps! I did see "giraffe" repeated a few times.

@aldersprig no objection at all! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

There are several ways of getting GPT-3 to generate drawing prompts.

For I chose to give it a short story to complete, in which it had to generate lines for an erratic station AI. The neural net took over after "1."

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The neural net suggested drawing prompts based on how the words fit, and not on any concept of how the objects might look. This list makes that abundantly clear.

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I'm hand-curating the GPT-3 generated prompts because many of the neural net's drawing prompts are terrible for one reason or another.
Here are some of the prompts that were unfairly difficult.

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For the first collection I generated, I had GPT-3 generate "things". Here's an alternate collection in which I had the neural net generate "concepts". It's different, but I'm not sure if it's easier.

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Introducing , a set of AI-generated drawing prompts for each day in October!

I generated these using GPT-3, a neural net trained on a huge amount of internet text, but not on drawing prompts specifically. (This explains a lot)

A single typo in an Open Street Map entry caused an ordinary 2-story building in Melbourne to become an eerie 212-story pillar.

The Melbourne Monolith is now the most famous landmark in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. A successful completion of the Monolith Challenge is to land neatly on its roof.

[images: fulltimespy]


Murderbug made its dramatic appearance inside my shirt

In today's disturbing news, I discovered that GPT-3 can write AI Weirdness blog posts.

1st paragraph is my prompt. The rest is GPT-3 simulating the fumbling of a much less powerful neural net.

birdsite user @ConcernedCraig wrote this and I'm so pleased:

my nams janelle
and when a i
at riting pomes
can onli try

and its atempts
ar blest or curst
i sneek rite in
i post the wurst

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