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Janelle Shane @janellecshane@wandering.shop

@aparrish I wonder if Beowulf often shows up in the farthest-distance samples? Maybe it registers as really weird.

@aparrish Very interesting feel, and I see the algorithm's a fan of Beowulf! Did you hand-pick the subset of the poetry corpus for this effect?

Odonata sent me these amazing SkyKnit patterns!! This is Fishcock, which somehow ended up as a huge hyperbolic surface.

@barkstick yesss Murderbot is excellent. Second book is great too.

The Kealing Middle School students shared their ice cream dataset with me - so I made some new neural net-generated flavors.

@kevinja I thought this was a really fascinating article on the subject.
Why Paper Jams Persist newyorker.com/magazine/2018/02

@ink_slinger And someone pointed out that Chocolate Finger isn't that strange if you're familiar with Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers.

@JKirchartz fun! Where did you find the dataset? I tried it once but my training list was full of spam titles and miscategorized titles.

I trained a char-rnn on podcast titles, and here are the (raw) results:I trained


some of my favs:

15 Bills 1 Money
36 Minutes In World with Dr. Showing
46 Monets Podcast
A Hom Thing Managagy
A Phecist Well-Podcast
Beyond Show - the Podcast

cc: @janellecshane

I have put in thousands of hours on my poetry generator over the past three years. Thousands. It gets rough, sometimes I feel like I should get rid of the whole thing and simply write poems on my own.

But every so often, the computer writes something for me that makes it all worthwhile. Like tonight, when it gave me this line:

Ms. Johnson's middle school coding classes kicked my butt at neural network ice cream naming. Please enjoy their flavors:

Update: The author of the article says Google translate took some poetic license. She had it as "an amusing catastrophe project"

is famous in Japan!
Google Translate says they called it "a pleasant catastrophe project".
I like it.

@dulcet I haven't seen Infinity War, but you Can Not go wrong with Black Panther.

Saw a rufous-sided towhee this morning! They are like tiny super fancy robins.

I am really enjoying the Palmer Station webcam. Here's a time lapse I made of a storm last Friday afternoon.

Repotted my tomatoes! They'll be clawing at the windows soon.

@b You'll be there? Awesome! Looking forward to it!