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Janelle Shane @janellecshane@wandering.shop

Someone is rotating the Palmer webcam! new views in new directions, very exciting

Our stack of handwritten postcards, which the ACLU will send out to encourage people to vote.
One includes an apology for a chocolate smudge.

@Sacchan she is now snoring on my arm. I’m lucky she’s not the vengeful type

Wondered if this was a new kind of Halloween pumpkin. Turns out they were tarring the parking lot nearby.

@acb Probably! She's got plenty of black whiskers though.

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Cat is currently sporting one single white whisker and it’s hilarious

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I've just released Mastodon De-Mob, an anti-harassment tool that lets users to block everyone who favorited or boosted a toot calling for harassment. mastodon-de-mob.codesections.c

Please feel free to test it out with the example URL I provided; that will only block a test account I set up for this purpose. Hopefully, you won't ever need it for real.

It also reports the harassing toot, which I hope will prevent the tool's abuse for non-harassing toots.

source: github.com/codesections/mastod

Folks who make mastodon bots: Is there a nice way to flip between them without having to log in and out of each one?

Dear customer service,
I'm having trouble signing up for the Kitten of the Day newsletter. There is a checkbox for "I am not a robot" but the other option seems to be missing. I am a robot, and I want my daily kittens! Please advise.

Trump impersonator reading nonsensical neural net speech Show more

@monorail secretly pleased that my drawing style was also indistinguishable.

@kosinus That would be fun! Biggest problem might be finding a dataset of compactly-written damage/effects.

Someone on Birdsite rearranged the neural net Neopets foods into an alignment chart, and I have to say I agree.

Yay, my bot @neuralspells appears to be tooting regularly now.
D&D spells generated straight from a neural network, never before seen by human eyes!