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Janelle Shane @janellecshane@wandering.shop

Odonata sent me these amazing SkyKnit patterns!! This is Fishcock, which somehow ended up as a huge hyperbolic surface.

The Kealing Middle School students shared their ice cream dataset with me - so I made some new neural net-generated flavors.

Ms. Johnson's middle school coding classes kicked my butt at neural network ice cream naming. Please enjoy their flavors:

is famous in Japan!
Google Translate says they called it "a pleasant catastrophe project".
I like it.

Repotted my tomatoes! They'll be clawing at the windows soon.

I posted the original dataset and a huge export of generated characters.
Including 94 named Dave.

Crowdsourced a dataset of D&D character names for training a neural network.
I think it captured the spirit of these.

This is "Head’s Spangot Candy", a SkyKnit pattern transformed into a hat by OldTrout.
Trying to figure out what kind of organic structure this reminds me of. A walnut shell?

Package arrived from Australia today with SkyKnit patterns from MeganAnn who is a wonderful wonderful person. Look at them! These are especially weird because she followed the algorithm's instructions as closely as possible. Note all the tentacles!

I trained a neural net to describe NFL draft picks, but it had a little trouble with the grammar.

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I am absolutely floored. HMSChicago sent me this scarf, made of 20 SkyKnit-generated patterns that she debugged & knit herself. Loook at it!
It's a work of art.

SkyKnit! Read about a collaboration between the LSG knitters of Ravelry & a neural network algorithm

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I'll be on a free panel tomorrow (April 11) at the Conference on World Affairs in Boulder at UMC 235 on CU campus. Topic is "Science: How Far is Too Far?"

There will be a livestream! At 2pm US Mountain time (4pm Eastern), the panel should be playing at the U235 link here:
(cartoon from dresdencodak.com/2009/09/22/ca)

Tried some content-aware rescaling on my cat - photoshop filter that tries to preserve the most important pixels as a photo is rescaled