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Janelle Shane @janellecshane@wandering.shop

Here's what it generated for "bookshop"
I love this so much

OMG this is AWESOME!! You can get it to generate images from hundreds of categories & even interpolate between two images.

Here's a cross between a border collie and a bullfrog, and a cross between a garter snake and a stopwatch


That's not to say that the neural net predictions were always believable, though. It also predicted these. (Can someone draw Kylo Ren in a lime blazer?)

I fed over 8,000 CNN Business headlines to a neural net to see which new headlines it would predict.
For some reason, it predicted companies behaving rather badly.


It was wonderful working with Susan Fowler and the rest of the team at NYT - Jessia Ma's illustrations are SO good.

It's not too late to choose one of these AI-generated costumes. Toaster Boy? Vampire Chick Shark?

This is my first NYT op-ed and I am so excited.

For reasons unknown, the Palmer webcam is pointed away from the base right now. Probably aliens visiting.

Dear apple support: please make trackpads insensitive to cat paws

I trained a neural net to invent new horror movie titles, based on a list of 78k movies from IMDB
(illustrations are from )

So glad Colorado has universal mail-in-ballots and 24-hour drop boxes. Total BS that one has to register to vote (note: in Colorado you can still register on election day), but at least after that it's easy.

i'm not sure who is breaking whose will here

New snakes invented by a neural net I trained on 1,000 snake species. Not sure how convincing these are though.

Palmer station camera: A closeup of people loading the icebreaker!

These teas were unusual! The peppercorn and Szechuan buttons gave them a fun spicy zing. Not enough Szechuan button to make my mouth tingle, but enough to notice!