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AI-themed burlesque in Seattle Show more

Once in a while the Palmer webcam zooms way in on some chunk of the antarctic landscape. This one's particularly nice.

Inept AI attempts to sound sexy Show more

My World article was published today, and I got to include lots of fun anecdotes of gone wrong. physicsworld.com/a/neural-netw

Not sure what this is we found in the woods. Fungus? Dangerous flatsquirrel?

I trained a neural network to invent new names for nail polish. Some of them are very strange indeed.

I trained a neural network to generate new names for fireworks. Here are a few of my favorites.
H/T Bruce Preston for the training dataset of Dutch fireworks
[image: extreme gupperspack & blink, power thunk-7, magical tripe, gold apotionator distroctive XXXXXL 230 stars]

Via @UKClimbing , the experts weigh in on the future of neural net-named climbing routes.
@McHaffieJames and Visual Chatbot would get along well.

Thanks to UKClimbing.com I had a database of over 427k rock climbing routes to feed to a neural network. It did pretty well. aiweirdness.com/post/175339699

Visual Chatbot doesn't do knock knock jokes.

One fun thing I discovered about Visual Chatbot: no matter what the photo is of, it will always report there are at least a couple giraffes.
It learned from answers that humans gave, and apparently nobody ever asked "how many giraffes are there?" when the answer was zero.

New blog post: When Visual Chatbot is wrong, it just keeps digging itself a hole.
Visual Chatbot is so much fun.

New rock climbing routes in Boulder and Joshua Tree, generated by a neural network. I like that you can tell which list is which, if you're familiar with both areas.

I trained a neural network on more than 43,000 jokes and asked it to invent new jokes of its own. aiweirdness.com/post/174691534

I posted those names earlier and one thing led to another and... these are Sith lord guinea pigs.

I trained a neural net to generate roller derby names & discovered it doesn't quite get the concept of puns. It's excruciating to watch it try.

More on Kentucky Coffeetrees Show more

Floof tree is coming back! Very Excited to plant this when I found out it's a remnant from the days of mastodons. It relied on MASTODONS!
It's a Kentucky coffeetree, currently native to a few swampy river drainage areas in the Midwest.
It's got super hard seed pods whose seeds don't germinate unless they're chomped open by megafauna.
Nowadays they only germinate if they fall in wetlands that can rot the pods open. That seriously restricted their range.