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Janelle Shane @janellecshane@wandering.shop

Someone is rotating the Palmer webcam! new views in new directions, very exciting

Our stack of handwritten postcards, which the ACLU will send out to encourage people to vote.
One includes an apology for a chocolate smudge.

Wondered if this was a new kind of Halloween pumpkin. Turns out they were tarring the parking lot nearby.

Cat is currently sporting one single white whisker and it’s hilarious

Someone on Birdsite rearranged the neural net Neopets foods into an alignment chart, and I have to say I agree.

Several people have mentioned the similarity between neural net inventions and the foods from Neopets. So this had to happen: aiweirdness.com/post/178075241

Now up to 48 knots (55 mph). Clearer now; maybe most of the loose snow is blown away.

40 knot (46 mph) winds at Palmer station. Air is full of snow; camera view is rocking mightily.

Food: yolk explosion Show more

For this round of heirloom apple names, I also trained the neural net on metal bands. Perhaps you can tell.

I trained a neural net on the 1910 edition of Apples of New York, and it generated some seriously weird new heirloom apples.


Just landed in Portland for !
Impressed by this super pointy thing during descent - what is it?

The neural net's training set also predates The Avengers: Infinity War, so again, it guesses on the review. If anything, its crossover is even *more* ambitious.

It was trained on reviews collected before The Last Jedi came out, so it has never heard of the movie and is guessing wildly here.

This neural net trained for a month on 82 million Amazon product reviews, and now knows all about The Lord of the Rings.


Good morning, Shop That Wanders!
This morning’s tea is interesting: lemongrass and Sichuan button (buzzbutton) made by Moxie in Louisville CO.
The buzzbutton adds a hint of coolness; none of its usual pins-and-needles tricks

Here's Palmer Station being pretty again. Cool bluish mini-berg floating to the left.

Wind speed now 47 knots (52 mph), highest I've seen in a while. Whole camera tower is swaying.