I have been wanting to do this for so long.

Prompt: OpenAI asked a bot to read most of the Harry Potter fanfic movie scripts on the Internet and then asked it to write Harry Potter movies of its own.

Jeff Wu and Miles Brundage of OpenAI kindly gave this prompt (+2 dialog lines) to the full GPT-2 model for me.

neural net candy hearts; some rude Show more

neural net candy hearts; some rude Show more

On the one hand, the penguin cam is now showing penguins standing in a grim pink ankle-deep slurry of poo, when there are perfectly clean rocks just behind them.

On the other hand, check out the cool pattern in the babies that are losing their grey fluff!

Ever had someone describe a long, rambling dream to you? It turns out a neural net trained on those dream summaries is even weirder and more tireless. It. will. not. stop.

This dream: 85k words and counting

gross penguins Show more

This little bot is modeled after Annalee Newitz's Robot, who wants people to be healthy and happy so they don't ever have to commit a manward of WWak.

What will the machines debate when the humans are gone? I fed 4,369 British Parliamentary style debate resolutions into to generate new topics suitable for the post-human era.


The littlest penguin at lower center: I was so worried for it an hour ago when it was an egg and all of the other babies were HUGE already.

Now I'm left wondering how that huge fluffball fit in an egg that was half its size.

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