I see there's another round of going on!
I have a humor blog at where I train for comedic effect. It's gotten me thinking about how interacts with our world and - hopefully I'll be writing more about this in the future!

@janellecshane You mean you have robots writing jokes? I need to check that out...

@janellecshane out of interest, what software/languages/frameworks/whatevers do you use for playing with neural nets?

@kichimi I have been staying very old-school with karpathy's original torch char-rnn. But am branching out to Tensorflow for running larger datasets. Links at

@janellecshane Nice, I used some node.js library and regretted using node.js.....

@janellecshane Also I learned just how much of an advantage using a GPU is. Can't do that with node.js

@janellecshane Hey Janelle, welcome to the fediverse! I recently used (and attributed!) your blog post "Do neural nets dream of electric sheep?" in a workshop on machine learning! It got a some good laughs!

@janellecshane That's really cool, I'll have to take a look. Comedy is a great way to try to humanize AI in a natural way.

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