This game is a bit addictive and it's kinda sad whenever humanity goes extinct. But such a warm fuzzy feeling when the colonists end up weird but happy.


I ended up being dinged when my colonists ended up reverting to a neolithic culture on floating platforms. But their society was built on equality and they had awesome animal pets. Probably more sustainable than whatever doomed earth.

@janellecshane I ended up with a slave state and emperors with great gold palaces XD

I lost most of my colonists to earthquakes and poisounous plants, but I had quite a bit of scientific knowledge amd the planet was so rich in ressources they entered post singularity and built themselves hanging cities in the huge trees.

Unfortunately the small population and dangerous conditions drove them towards a dystopian police state... but hey, they're alive

@janellecshane Mine couldn't get along with the pre-stone-age civilization already on the planet, but they just agreed to live on different parts of the plant and not talk.

They live happy lives in warrens of caves (it's super cold out) with information-age technology and democracy. They even have helpful alien animals.

I'm so proud.

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