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Janelle Shane @janellecshane

I trained a neural network on a list of deleted Wikipedia titles. Not sure who is weirder this time, neural net or humans. aiweirdness.com/post/169309161

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@sydneyfalk @janellecshane unfortunately we don't have that kind of advanced thonking on the twenty-sided website

@janellecshane I want to know more about monster diseases.

I think I'm coming down with beholder pox

@janellecshane As the Grand First Minister of Tire Bear, I am appalled that our proud sovereign nation is excluded from Wikipedia.


"Lists of bands with pies on them"

*browsing intensifies*

Someone needs to create the Turdis programming language so that there will eventually be a Wikipedia page about it.

@janellecshane Halfway through the list I realized that I had forgotten they weren't real titles.

@janellecshane Also, the fact that doing character-level training created the word "poople" twice is, like, my _very_ favourite fact.