After all the drawing prompts humans have been giving to text-to-image models like and , it's time to turn the tables.

GPT-3 has generated prompts for humans to draw!

Once I explained that it would be generating animal-themed prompts for humans to draw, the largest model, DaVinci, generated this list.
Good luck, humans

I had a bit more trouble getting the smallest model, Ada to generate this Halloween-themed list of prompts. Many of its prompts didn't seem obviously Halloween-related to me, but when questioned Ada would express confusion. Here's Ada's list.

The Babbage model's list of drawing prompts is not as terrible as I had feared, considering it chose "meat" as its theme.
Still hard to shake the feeling we humans are being trolled.

And for the final list of AI-generated drawing prompts, the Curie model chose "clockwork" as its theme. And insisted on doing the list in all-caps.
Curie ended the interview by expressing the hope that humans would bring it snacks.

@janellecshane “Look, we live in the future. There is no wrong.” is quite the sentiment from Curie.

@janellecshane This is precisely how I imagine an interview with me would go IRL as well.

@janellecshane "aaa" is a very good art prompt. seriously, it reminds me of a typeface designer friend of mine


Why do I feel that somehow GPT will get money and this will indeed be the first step in the takeover.


Hey Processor X511, have you heard about that new "Manual Turk service?"

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