Testing a theory that dalle2 does worse at generating things the smaller they get, I discovered that it makes really mean eye charts.

@janellecshane @maia AI generated kittens decline in quality the more of them there are

@janellecshane first few lines: I know one letter, and how to move parts of it around
Next few: OK, here's a couple other letters, and some decorative touches
Last few: how about some kanji?

AI generated imagery, extra-terrestrial 

@janellecshane asking #WomboDream for an "alien eyechart" resulted in something more akin to one of those boards or charts full of dead insects, but then with alien eyes.

@janellecshane I thought that this was one of those joke posts, like "When you know you need to get new glasses" kind of thing

@janellecshane When you get stuck in a witch's labyrinth on the way to the optometrist that would make a lot of sense, from my understanding these AIs tend to generate large-scale features and then fill in the details

@janellecshane iirc at least one other generative net works by generating the image at like 1/16th the final resolution, then upscaling it using text-based neural upscaling. which would explain this kind of behavior!

@janellecshane this is likely an important finding for #GPT3 and #Copilot too, that obscure things (especially to a WIMPish web culture) will be less well defined. So cat portraits are safe...


An interesting spin in this IEEE article, the dataset, they say, is prefiltered to remove content the programmers would rather the machine not see. The assumption is one cannot express what one has no words for; seems to me I've heard this argument before...
#ai #GPT3 #DALLE2 #orwell #newspeak

IEEE Spectrum: DALL-E 2’s Failures Are the Most Interesting Thing About It.

generative art 

@janellecshane @mjdxp

Midjourney gave interesting results as well.

Prompt: eye chart

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