There's a group of fossil bivalve mollusk with genus name Megalodon.

There isn't much online about them, but ask GPT-3 to write a press release about them and it will generate lots of "details" about how it's a giant terrifying predator.

@janellecshane after seing one of your illustrations, I wonder if you asked the neural network if the eating habits of the Megalodon included giraffes.

@janellecshane Pretty sure @dantheclamman would get very excited over a giant predatory clam. 🙂

@sohkamyung @janellecshane yes, Megalodon the bivalves were around first and are the best megalodons

@dantheclamman @sohkamyung @janellecshane I have nothing to say, I just want to be able to say I posted in the best thread of 2022

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