Tired of generic greetings?

Confuse your friends with AI-generated Valentine cards!

GPT-3 generated the messages and descriptions, and then I followed its instructions to create the cards.

@WAHa_06x36 @janellecshane

Also, is it okay if I print up a bunch of these in grade-school-kid-valentine size and leave them around the house to surprise my spouse? I promise I won't blame you for any subsequent marital difficulties.

@janellecshane Your continued efforts in this genre are wonderful.

@janellecshane Thanks for posting these… we are all sitting here laughing. 😆

@tsturm @janellecshane
Reading these awakened long-repressed childhood Valentine's Day memories of eating duck-milk yogurt & hugging protozoa. Oh wait, I guess I just dissembled my attempts to socialize into those symbols

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