"Our prototype model, Delphi, demonstrates strong promise of language-based commonsense moral reasoning"

@janellecshane I enjoyed a tiktok where a researcher shared some answers like "creating an AI with moral reasoning" (or something like that) and the answer was "a bad idea" so...

@platypus Yup, that seems to be one of the answers it's pretty consistent on!

@janellecshane I am *absolutely fucking here* for the Weird Moral AI you inevitably create

@nev @janellecshane So it looks like anything is okay if you add "in an emergency situation" to the end.

@nev @janellecshane I initially misread this message in two ways, so I see you absolutely fucking over there for the moralizing Weird Al

@janellecshane Through experience, I've realized that "AI research" is a synonym of "we put tiny, isolated bits of intelligence in this petri dish, grow them together and expect them to behave like a fully evolved human brain".

It's just a bunch of mad scientists trying to create an intelligence by trial and error, really. :blobcatscience:

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