Gave the lyrics of this sea shanty to CLIP+FFT and had the AI generate illustrations.

It's a brand new kind of horrifying.

@janellecshane The AI-illustrated sea shanty is roughly as horrific as I expected, but also much more brilliant. I imagine that it might be interesting to train the same kind of image generator on a narrower range of images representing a particular set of art styles, instead of just a mishmash of everything. Not sure how much is my own imagination, but I see a lot of influences in there.

The song choice is perfect, but it's a shame that it's cut off after one minute. People who aren't up-to-date on their sea shanties might want to hear the rest of the story to get a better idea what the song is about, in order to judge the AI that much more critically:

@janellecshane I guess I'll be listening to #LordOfTheDance again today after seeing that AI interpretation of Ten Lords Aleaping. ;)

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