Obsessed with CLIP+FFT, which uses CLIP, an internet-trained image-judging AI, to steer a deep dream-like image generator.

It'll do what you ask, but it will do it excessively.

"Frodo Baggins delivering pizza through the mines of Moria"

LotR parody, lewd ment 

@janellecshane "Hi, Hole in the Hill Pizzeria, here's your order for 1 Mellon Lane, Moria- WHOA, dude! I never signed up for tentacle porn, let me goooo"

@janellecshane I feel like I've seen similar compositions at galleries.

@janellecshane OMG. I just started playing with that notebook. This is fascinating!

I'll be exploring the crossover dinosaur / star wars universe tonight. 😂​

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