Got GPT-3 to generate new Christmas carols.

Here is "Mild is Rudolph". Are you not cheered and comforted?

@joshmillard @janellecshane santa is approaching
his flight path's been approved
his sharp-tipped wings a gleaming
beneath a silvery moon

@janellecshane This has the feel of a machine translation of a carol in a different language.

@janellecshane Rudolph has tiny little hooves for putting naughty children straight to sleep

@flugennock That looks like one of Keaton Patti's things - although he's never used AI for any of these, it's interesting that there are enough of his scripts online now that, now that more-powerful neural nets are trained on internet data, their scripts are starting to resemble his fabrications

@janellecshane Wow I absolutely love how accidentally creepy this is it just made me cackle XD

@janellecshane This is like Captain Beefheart's lost Christmas album.

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