So I managed to get GPT-3 to generate new Victorian handkerchief flirting codes.

I hope you find them useful for adding subtext to your next zoom call

@janellecshane hello yes there is a small matter (gesticulates with card and octopus)

@janellecshane The challenge to a duel is interesting. Was there anything like that in the training set?

@mansr There wasn't anything like that in the prompt, but GPT-3 was pretrained on a bunch of internet text, so there must have been some stuff about dueling somehow associated with handkerchiefs

@pastelpunkbandit YES apparently my cat has been trying to tell me she's a witch

@janellecshane I have a better idea.
Turn off the camera.
You know, just turn the friggin' thing OFF. You have more privacy, you're not using brain power dealing with bogus social cues so you can concentrate on what people are saying, and because you're using less bandwidth you get better sound quality.

You don't need to show them your face if you're just talking to them, and you aren't obligated to. Turn the cam off.

@janellecshane When I read "handkerchief code" my mind went to modern(ish) gay and leather hanky codes. If it's not too risqué I think it'd be fascinating to see what GPT-3 comes up with for that!

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