@janellecshane Would like to be seafoam green, but am probably actually The Void if I'm honest with myself.

OCR Output (chars: 835) 


chipper demon kitten, lost
between fourth and fifth
dimension as a result of

Deep Blue

pterodactyl from 18th
century britain

obscure ritual and filled
with undefinable holes by
fiery red shadows

Sea foam green

time lord
bodega cat

unknown, as the network
immediately overloaded upon seeing
it. we suspect it of multiple crimes
against nature: filling the world with
glowing stars, putting weird textures
in the sink, and telling you that it
made you eggs

Cr D ey FNS

yells "do not trespass" at
everything and is covered in

3 symbols and smells of

honey. you do not know

where it sleeps and are
{\ afraid to ask.

salamander with
laserbeam eyes

looks delicious, sweet,
and innocent, but
“actually really murdery"

fierce! currently battling
the space whales for
control of your soul

@janellecshane deep blue, absolutely, I have never had a tag yourself meme resonate with me so deeply

@janellecshane the worst crime of all; lying about making me eggs

@janellecshane Sea foam green is WAY too specific to me

but I feel like every color meme has a zucchini so everyone can see themselves in it

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