Starting off @janellecshane 's #Botober with a fiendishly difficult one: Prompt no. 1: A Rock.
(I'm using my own whittled-down list of prompts taken from her four different lists)

@janellecshane Prompt no. 2: A Pile of Logs. This is actually useful to do because arranging logs in a pile from imagination is a bit of a spatial challenge for me. Because drawing is also mark-making, I changed the brushes around in Procreate and added a different paper texture, the better to fake traditional drawing. Kitsch powers, activate! #Botober

Prompt no. 3: Endive. I don't know why Janelle thought that was a terrible prompt. Everyone should try some botanical drawing some times. This is a red variant of Belgian endives, which are usually grown in the dark to prevent photosynthesis and bleach the heads.
I used the Sumi-E brushes from the Rusty Nib brush set in Procreate. But I'm NOT calling this Sumi-E.
Tomorrow, I'll stop weaseling out of the more complicated prompts.


@reinderdijkhuis I did think that one was funny but secretly nice! I agree that they're pretty, and your rendition is particularly gorgeous!

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