Are you not terrified and repulsed??

I prompted GPT-3 with some human proposals for marking a nuclear waste site, in a way that will still be forbidding millennia from now.

@janellecshane The link to the bonus post points to the mailing list subscrption page.


@allo Ah yes, that's how my bonus material works right now - I'm trying to build my mailing list, so the bonus material is the reward for subscribing. My agent and publisher really want me to do it this way. You can always subscribe, wait for the email with the bonus material, and then unsubscribe again

@janellecshane Okay. I already have a quite full inbox, but I understand when you like to use this as marketing strategy.

Do not forget to tell them that Mastodon is a great way to get people to read your blog.
I would never have found it otherwise.

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