@clifstan heh, didn't realize who'd posted it and that this was AI-generated until i was almost at the result, and thought a lot of the weirdness was a deliberate attempt at alien-ant-brain-mimicking

What did just happen O.O

"You're rudimentary, partially malfunctioning, and possess limited language skills – still, you don't mess around. You're a highly effective killing machine. Now go protect your human."




"Your world is a very complicated place, filled with love and loss and compromises and greasy food. You have a hard shell, but underneath you're very caring."

this resonates a lot with some stuff that's been on my mind lately :blobthinkingeyes:

result, choosing the least relatable item each time 



Goddess of everlasting life, patron of the Restoration. At first you seem like another engineer-savant, making the most of your Transcendent form, writing symphonies for the sound of falling rust, but it has been many years since that has been you. You have been going by Bumblebee-of-sleep for quite some time now. Sleep is the most important thing there is to you.

......this quiz does *not* mess around :blobsweats:

result, choosing the least relatable item each time 

Heh, I'm entertained that the result I got was the one you got by picking the least relatable item.

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