Since the @OpenAI API can imitate just about any kind of text it saw on the internet, the trick is to figure out the right prompt. I tried to get it to generate whale facts.

Generating facts is one thing. Generating TRUE facts is another.

@janellecshane my favorite part of this post is darth vader gaslighting a stormtrooper about whales

@janellecshane "i can see into your soul from my balcony and i know that you are afraid of whales"

@janellecshane The bonus content is especially lit 🔥 this time.

“it is in fact OK to wear a tiger onesie to a wedding”

@janellecshane :bloblamp: This is brilliant, we will defeat AI by making the web more incoherent!

@janellecshane Lord Vader, revealing the existence of blue whales to everyone, one stormtrooper at a time.

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