So happy to share with you: the first scifi story I've ever sold, appearing today in Strange Horizons!

- robots
- cryogenic exoplanets
- linguistics
- beeping

@janellecshane that was excellent! it seems so natural that droids would form their own language given their allowed subset of signals.

@lunchgirl Thank you so much! I've heard from linguists who read it who said, yeah, that could totally happen. And then started thinking about information density and phonemes

@janellecshane That was very good!
I can't remember the last time I read some scifi, but I adored it as a child. Eifelheim is the last actual book I read that resembles scifi.
Thanks for posting!

@gemlog Thank you so much!!

If you want to read some more science fiction and liked the style of my story, I highly recommend the Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells. First book is All Systems Red

@gemlog Definitely read the Murderbot Diaries stories.

I started reading them after Janelle Shane recommended them on Twitter and I'm now hooked. Maybe it's because I see a bit of myself in Murderbot: no, not the "Pew Pew" part, the 'I rather not interact with humans unless I have to' part. 🙂


@janellecshane Congratulations! So, you are a certified fiction-writer now :)

@janellecshane I have read your sci-fi story "68:Hazard:Cold" and liked it a lot! Thanks for sharing and keep them coming :)

@janellecshane It was lovely, loved the linguisticky parts the most. Glad to hear the story on their podcast.

@janellecshane I haven't been utterly gripped by a story this intensely for a long time. I loved it.

@janellecshane hi, I read this and as someone who deeply cares about robots it hit me *right* in the emotions. thank you. :ms_robot:

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