Someone asked me what would happen if I took a neural net trained to produce images of cats and then trained it on images instead.

If you've ever wished Bakeoff was more like a periodic function I have great news for you

@janellecshane some people just want to watch the world melt,

@janellecshane fwiw i get the feeling posts like these should maybe come with a body horror CW

@janellecshane *looks at your previous posts* okay maybe a little bit late in saying this, but,

@pupy hmm, good point, i've got less intuition about that sort of cw flag.

it occurs to me that I can just ask a friendly moderator!

@phildini should a post like the one above (AI fails at human faces) generally be CW'd in

@janellecshane The bunny ears on the corpse at the end of row 2 aren't too bad.

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