You know there's something strange going on when you ask your neural net for "a horse on a bicycle" and you get this

@janellecshane Hypothesis: the lower layers of the net (closer to the semantics) did set up the foundations of a horse on a bicycle, and the upper layers were like "lol that's a weird looking finch buddy" and just overrode it

@cathal After some experimentation, I think it tried even less hard than that! There are 1000 things it knows how to do, and it will haphazardly map any input onto one of those 1000 things.

@janellecshane I think your neural net thought that you need something cute (though creepily eyeless) to cheer you up today.

@janellecshane maybe birds were the real horses on bicycles all along?

@janellecshane Would it be bad to post that to a bird identification website?

@janellecshane Per your question about the T-Rex. Maybe the measuring cup appeared because it's made of pyrex?

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