Trained StyleGAN2 on pictures of my cat.
StyleGAN2 had been originally trained on human faces.
This is an intermediate training stage.

Not sure whether to laugh or scream


ooh the software you link to in your blog post looks really interesting!

@janellecshane this reminds me a bit of medieval illustrations of animals that were drawn from hearsay rather than models. "Well, it's supposed to look like a horse with humps, and I know how to draw... *looks out window* a dog, so here's a camel."

@janellecshane The Killrathi Empire sure have fallen on hard times since they stopped making Wing Commander games.

@janellecshane LOL. Oh no... this is amazing and horrifying at the same time. :)

@janellecshane At first I thought these were faces from that Cats movie that came out a while back.

@janellecshane Was there something about the training pictures of your cat that caused the green forehead tufts on several of the output images, or is something else going on?

@pebble I didn’t notice those! I think they’re some kind of mode collapse artifact that was present in the original StyleGAN model, a bunch of neurons that came out kind of funny.

Examples in the early training stage here:

@janellecshane Ah, you have reverse-engineered the approach they used in the CATS movie.

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